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Saturday, December 24, 2005

It really is good

Ro is right.Sex really is good, but it depends on who your partner is, and your connection with them. You have to want to please that person;in fact, their pleasure should mean more to you than your own. You should always be willing to learn what pleases your partner, and do that.Do it long. Do it often. Do it with a smile. And always be open to suggestions. Porn and toys are good things. Guys, don't be threatened by using sex toys. They're just one way to make your partner feel good! Me, I've always loved going down on a woman. It's so sexy and intimate. This is one thing that men should learn to do and love. Men could learn a lot from lesbians. After all, they don't have penises, but they have no problems with satisfying their girlfriends! Ro and I made love last night. It was real good. Matter of fact, I look forward to doing it again.We've been together for over two years now ( a record for me! ),and it's good every time!


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