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Friday, June 02, 2006

What men should do

Now that we are deep into spring,it makes me think of spring turning young men's fancies to thoughts of love. I've lived long enough to have an idea of what men should do in the world of love.In other words, here is a list of the partners I think a man should be with in his lifetime: - an older person - a younger person - a person outside of his own ethnic group - a bigger/fatter person - a smaller/thinner person - a prostitute - another man (or if you're gay, a woman) Now I,personally, have experienced all but the last one.Variety really is the spice of life.Please note that these only apply to SINGLE men. If you lucky enough to have a loving partner,loyalty is key. Monogamy can be truly sexy,and I have been able to prove that for almost three years now!